The Walking Dead

A collection of some of my favorite promos for The Walking Dead Universe. These were featured on a variety of environments from billboards in NYC to various streaming platforms and the AMC network.
    Role – Design & Animation
    Art Direction – Ed Benitez & Jimmy Fisher
    Creative Direction – JC Cancedda
By separating the layers into a parallax animation and incorporating custom sound design, we create more visual impact of the existing keyart and a more immersive and engaging experience for the viewer.

What began as a standalone project ultimately evolved into a series on AMC Plus, necessitating the creation of a comprehensive toolkit for other agencies to utilize during the production of the show. This toolkit serves as a valuable resource for ensuring the consistency and quality of the series across all episodes.

The concept of the series revolved around providing a glimpse into the inner thoughts and experiences of one of the main characters through the use of their personal diary. To bring this concept to life, I was tasked with creating a unique sketch for each of the over 50 episodes of the series, effectively bringing the character’s diary to life on screen.
In light of the success of the TWD Episode Diaries series, the network decided to expand the concept to two additional shows within the TWD universe – Fear of the Walking Dead and World Beyond. Fear of the Walking Dead took a more edgy and stylized approach, utilizing a black and white color scheme, while World Beyond embraced a more whimsical and playful tone.