AMC Games

AMC Games is a AMC’s video game publisher and developer. I was tasked to create an identity that encapsulates the existing branding of the Network while integrating aspects of video game culture though the logo, animation, and sound design.

    Role – Design, Animation & Sound Design
    Art Direction – Ed Benitez
    Creative Direction – JC Cancedda
During the initial ideation, I tried to encapsulate the spirit of video game culture while maintaining the foundations of the AMC logo. Since we knew the end product would be a animated title card, I focused on using visually interactive and playful elements while keeping design driven animation in mind.
Below are the animated logos that made it to the final round of approvals.
Next are the final round of logos with implemented sound design. While adding sound to the animations, I tried to find which sound would best be associated with the animation. For example, if the logo had a more ‘pixelated’ look to it, I turned the bitrate down to make it sound more retro. If it was 3D, I gave it more reverb to evoke the feeling of space.
The Client decided the bracket version was the most successful, as it visually communicates the ethos of ‘developer’ with a commonly used symbol in programming (the bracket) while maintaining the strong existing branding of AMC.
To help give the developers more flexibility, I was asked to make three different timings for the final logo animation.
Examples of the logo used in various trailers.