Lotus Eater

Lotus Eater is a video game I designed and developed for the Apple IPad and IPhone. I always thought video games were an interesting medium for education. This is because they force the player to empathize with the main character through interactivity. When designing this game, I wanted the player to learn about the value of moderation through interactive play. Lotus Eater is centered around a game mechanic the simulates the need for something, while gradually making the game more difficult if the player indulges.
    Role – Art Direction, Design and Development
Throughout the game, the player is put in a situation that requires them to navigate the level and solve a small puzzle under a time limit. When the player eats a lotus, the time limit will extend temporarily, giving the player more time to solve the puzzle and navigate the game. In this game, moderation is key. Those lotuses may help the player in that moment, but it also lowers the time limit for the next level. Ultimately making it harder to finish the game.